Workshop S7 Ville-Nature — 5ème édition

Urbanic Park

Du 08/01 au 19/01/18

Département Architecture, Ville et Territoire (AVT), École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Marseille. Parc National des Calanques.

For eleven years now, the school of Architecture of Marseille organizes every year in January a workshop of two weeks between the two semesters of 4th years s tudents.

This workshop is part of the program of the school: all the students in 4th year participate in it. This event is also opened to visitors come from the other schools in France and in the World. The staff totals approximately 120 students every year. That is 12 teams of 10, each supervised by a teacher or a competent outside personality.

To offer quality themes for reflection, the studio of project «Interface City  nature» of the AVT department is dedicated to the organization of the workshop.
During half a year, the students of this studio of the second year of Master’s degree realize an advanced analysis of the site. It allows the elaboration of a corpus of scenarios which establishaxes of project, developed or not by the participants.

At the end of two weeks, the students of the studio regroup the works and shape them to allow the production of a publication and an exhibition. Some students continue to explore tackled issues during the workshop in the form of projects of the end of study (PFE) and some even can pursue to a thesis (3 years).

The first edition of the workshop allowed the development of the idea of Boat-bus, today integral part of the device of transport of the metropolis. Next years, the event was organized in partnership with the Autonomous Port of Marseille.

For five years, the workshop has been the object of a collaboration with the National park of Creeks, to question the interface between urban spaces and natural reserve.
This year, it focuses on the city of Ciotat to handle this theme City  nature.

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