How is the year organised ?

Some details :

The academic year is organised in two semesters  :

  • 1st semester: from September to January ;
  • 2nd semester: from February to June.

Courses are organised in semesters, according to the years; the year starts with odd semesters (S1, S3, S5, S7, S9) and continues at the end of February with even semesters (S2, S4, S6, S8, S10).

From September to January From February to June
1st year  Semester 1 Semester 2
2nd year  Semester 3 Semester 4
3rd year Semester 5 Semester 6
4th year Semester 7 Semester 8
5th year Semester 9 Semester 10

This means that you can’t switch semesters and start, for example, with semester 4 before semester 3.

It is recommended to arrive at least three days before the beginning of courses and to introduce yourself to the international relations office.

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