International policy

Thanks to its geographical location, ENSA-M is a school open to the world, in particular to the Mediterranean; each year, it welcomes, in proportion to registrants, 14% of foreign students, which is at the top range of the ENSA network.

For a long time, ENSA-M has been maintening relations with specific geographical areas : the Mediterranean Basin, South America, and in particular Eastern Europe, and this, thanks to special relationships developed some time ago between ENSA-M teachers and their counterparts in these parts of the world.

These relationships result in a number of voluntarist initiatives :

  •  student mobility ;
  •  welcoming foreign students without agreements ;
  •  educational trips ;
  •  workshops ;
  •  participation to international competitions.

For several years, ENSA-M has developed a policy encouraging student IN and OUT mobility, crowned with success with the growth of exchanges (since 2008, + 53% of OUT mobility, +20% of IN mobility which is still a bit higher than OUT mobility).

In the future, ENSA-M would like to develop or strengthen several aspects :

  • English speaking countries : United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
  • Scandinavia ;
  • Reinforcement of the cooperation with Latin and Central America, in particular with Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Uruguay ;
  • Asia : mainly with China, Japan and India ;
  • Africa :  South Africa ;
  • The Mediteranean Basin stays a privileged area.

Thanks to the dynamics of « Marseille-Provence 2013, European capital city of culture », the construction of Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis and the implementation of the new ERASMUS programme + (2014-2020), the year to come could be favourable to the emergence of new cooperations.

ENSA-Marseille holds ERASMUS CHARTER of ENSA Marseille    on the basis of  international strategy declaration established by the school in May 2013.