The higher national school of architecture of Marseille, administrative public establishment under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, is governed by the decree n°2018-109 of February 15, 2018 about national graduate schools of architecture. Its missions are to provide the teaching of architecture and to conduct in architecture, town planning and the spatial planning fields, a research which enriches the knowledge in these subjects and which contributes to improving education.  The public service of higher education of the Ministry of Culture and Communication is secular and independent from any political, economical, religious or ideological influence. It respects the diversity of opinions.  The secular aspect of the public education is a principle of constitutional value.  The provisions of these school rules are intended to be applied : to all ENSA Marseille users and in particular students, to all administrative, technical and teaching staff, and, in general, to any natural and legal person  who is present, regardless of one’s title, within the school ( e.g.: outside organisation or independent staff, visitors,  guests, volunteer colleagues, students from other schools…).  ENSA Marseille students who are following education in another establishment are subject to that establishment school rules.