Dream : presentation

Management of the doctoral training :

The DREAM (doctoral research department)

  • Is the unique contact within the Doctoral School ED-355 for ENSA-M ;
  • Represents the training in European and international bodies ;
  • Follows the relationship with the external partners and the directors of ENSA-M Master’s departments ;
  • Informs students (Grants, registrations, reception of foreign students …) ;
  • Prepares the thesis registration files and submits them to :
    1) the limited scientific council of ENSA-M, then, if accepted ;
    2) to the scientific council of the Doctoral School 355.
  • Lists the annual progress reports and the thesis supervisors’ opinions ;
  • Organises the 2nd year assessment of PhD students ;
  • Organises the board of examiners and thesis oral examination (viva voce) ;
  • Organises annual seminars and other pedagogical aspects of the training ;
  • Organises annual doctoral trip ;
  • Publishes the “DREAM” column of ENSA-M website and suggests an editorial policy and a digital broadcasting to the Scientific Council ;
  • Manages the PhD students’ work in the form of physical and digital archives ;
  • Organises space and common means given to PhD students..

Cross-functional roles

The DREAM (doctoral research department)

  • Holds the PhD students’ general meeting ;
  • Broadcasts the PhD students’ current events via the WEBSITE and DREAM-infos newsletter ;
  • Prepares the trainees’ welcoming in the laboratories ;
  • Manages the DREAM budget ;
  • Contributes to the coordination of the research course ;
  • Administers and operates the scientific council and establishes the agenda in agreement with its members ;

DREAM is under the supervision of the Scientific Council that directs the research policy of the school and gives an opinion on the thesis topics and on specific requests of ENSA bodies concerned by research.