Choosing your courses

School educations

Language of teaching

Lessons are only in French ; therefore you must have a minimum knowledge of the French Language.

For ERASMUS students

As it is specified in the new ERASMUS agreements signed by our school, ENSA-Marseille will only accept students whose French level is at least B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages added to the information kit.

Accepted certificates are :
DELF : Diploma in French language studies
DALF : Diploma in advanced French language
or :
A level certificate from a recognised French language centre
A level certificate from your own University, from a language school …

If the student doesn’t have one of these documents, the printed form “attestation de langue française” (French language certificate) attached in the information kit can be used as proof of language level.

For students with AGREEMENTS

The B1 level is also required, testified by a certificate (see above for accepted certificates).


Only documents testifying to a B1 level or more will be accepted.
 Students who do not have this intermediate level would not be able to register.
Students whose native language is French are exempted from this level certificate.

Students will have to send their French level certificate by July, 15.
However, if the required level is not reached by July, students can show their certificate in September.

Be aware that many students fail their exams because of a low level in French.


  French courses

French courses take place two months per semester : between September and November, and between February and April; they are optional and don’t give any ECTS credits. You are however strongly encouraged to follow them up if your level of French is weak.

  The other courses

The principle : you can freely choose courses from 1st or 2nd cycle   ; you are not obliged to register for an entire teaching unit (UE), you can choose courses individually and independently. However, within departments, some teachings such as projects are directly linked with their seminars : so it is preferable and logical to follow project and seminars in the same department.

In any case, you must first ask for help from the administration or teachers of your original school. Furthermore, it is necessary that your choices be approved by your original school.

The referent teachers of ENSA-Marseille can also help you ; you will find these teachers’contact information in the links below :

For students with AGREEMENTS

The final choice is done in the week of the pre-start, after the presentation of the educational programme of the two cycles.

Codification : each teaching unit is codified in the following way: S (for semester) + number of the semester within the five years of studies + 2 letters linked to the UE
Eg:  S4 TP: Theory and project of the 2nd semester of the second year.


  • The action of choosing courses over the two cycles can have consequences in terms of examination for students in mobility : indeed, some examination of the two cycles can overlap each other, but it is impossible for us to know before the schedule has been established. In that case, a solution will be found by the administration and teachers: it could be for example, a complementary work, or the possibility to take directly the 2nd session of examination (remedial session) ;
  • The compensation system between courses is not applied for students in IN-mobility, even when the student followed the complete UE. Consequently, the remedial session is mandatory for each mark/grade under pass mark ;
  • Some courses are not open to students in IN- mobility :

– S5 UE 2 : report of studies / methodology
– S6 UE 3 : report of studies

To build your programme, utilise the school website  :
–  Master’s courses
–  Bachelor’s courses
–  Master’s and Bachelor’s pedagogical diagram

In each descriptive leaflet, you will find the following information : the UE to which the course is attached, its code, the year it is taught, the number of ECTS assigned, its amount of hours, if there is or isn’t a remedial session, the teacher’s name.

In some field of study, you can choose between more projects, so you must establish your choices by order of preference.


  • you can choose only one project and one seminar per semester: following two of these teachings at a time is, in fact, too intense ;
  • Similarly, you must choose three options in order of preference, knowing that you can finally attend only one option for semesters 6, 8 and 9.


Like all students, and provided that your school asks you for it, you can do three different kinds of internships:

The internship must be included in your learning contract (ERASMUS students) and/or in your application form (students with AGREEMENTS)

These internships can be done only in France, with an internship tutor of ENSA-Marseille.
Internships done in the students’own country are not validated by ENSA-M.

Finally, internships are only done during university holidays and/or in February.