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PROJECT[S] Research Unit studies the knowledge into action in the project : knowledge required and used ; the knowledge processed and produced by design. It attempts to determine under which aspects the first ones are actually used, and the second ones are actually produced.


The complexity of our living environment, that the project seeks to adapt if not to improve, induced transversalities and collaborations between the disciplines which were appointed by the society to manage it : architecture, landscape architecture, town planning, design and engineering.

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The members of the research unit, researchers and teachers-researchers, want to distinguish what would be shared by these disciplines from what would be specific for them. So, they suggest developing the theory of the project and renewing its practices.


project[s] Research Unit comes from the merger of two research units of ENSA-Marseille accredited by the Architectural Research, Town Planning and Landscape Design Department of the Ministry of Culture : ABC and InsArtis

ABC, historic laboratory of ENSA-M, has seen the directions of its researches deeply influenced by the bioclimatic environments. Over the years and after the integration of new skills, they have opened to fields such as earthquake engineering, geographical information systems, representation and data-processing modelling.

The InsArtis team was created in the 2000s. Even if ENSA-M was the home institution of InsArtis, the team was welcoming members coming from the school of Fine Arts of Marseille (the ESADMM) and from the Polytech school of engineers of Aix-Marseille-University. Research collaborations and pedagogical applications were effective on the questions of design and computer-integrated manufacturing, on the participative practices in project, on the applications of new technologies to urban design and on the questions raised by the quality in architecture.

Doctoral research

project[s] is the host laboratory for PhD students in architecture of the doctoral school 355 “Spaces, Cultures and Society” in Aix Marseille University.

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