The easiest way to find your apartment in France !

Free webinar by Studapart

December 10th 2020 at 2pm
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Arriving in France, planning an internship or just looking to move? We guess you probably feel a little lost in all the offers and have many questions. This event is what you need!

What’s it about?
An event to help you find your accommodation in France

Studapart, our partner for housing, will cover everything you need to know during a one-hour video session:

  • What’s the best moment to start searching in France, and how?
  • How to make your application stand out in the eyes of French landlords and find quickly with Studapart?
  • What to do once you moved in (inventory of fixtures, home insurance…)?

You will gather all the necessary information and the team will answer all your questions.

Who with?
Studapart’s experts to answer your questions

The platform gives you access to a range of dwellings everywhere in France, addressed specifically to our school community. Among +120 000 furnished homes (studios, flatshares, private rooms…) for a minimum of one month!