Manifesto Disarchitectura

Semaine intensive S9 par Anne-Valérie Gasc

The manifesto  Disarchitectura is online !
A work of the collective Deux fois disarchitectes born during the « Homotopie. L’art à l’ère des dystopies construites » option.

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Disarchitectura is a manifesto, that has voluntarily been left open and incomplete in order to reflect on an archictectural praxis removed from any dogmatic definition. Born from a constellation of ideas and images, it is rooted in a deconstruction of the notion of heterotopy as it was first promoted by Foucault. Disarchitectura is a formal counter-proposal to Vitruve’s ancient treaty, DE-ARCHITECTURA, and it shines a critical light on the mental habits which alienate architectural discipline and object up to this day. Disarchitectura is a thematized digital collection whose successive volumes shine a light on the pitfalls and holpfully promises of contemporary architecture and its operating modes. Each “story” opens up a limitless collection of exemples and references which can collectively challenge architecture to free itself from its dysfunctions. Disarchitectura lives on through free submissions on the feed at #disarchitectura or #disa followed by the chapter’s number (e.g. #disa01).

  1. Chaos vs urban control, dis-architecture, deforming of architects
  2. Anonymous building techniques & architecture immateriality and atemporality
  3. Climate Order
  4. Temple to consumerism
  5. Power architectures ; Privatizing public space and institutions
  6. Privatized architecture : pavilions, foundations & housing speculation
  7. Ornament architecture ? Shells or the loss of meaning
  8. Flows, tourist and migratory spectacles
  9.  Space colonization : Astronomical and astrological digression
  10.  Mechanisms ( conditioning, consumption, automated generation )