Horizons « Arts-Nature » en Sancy 2020

Appel à candidature pour évènement d’art contemporain.
À destination de tous les artistes et jeunes talents intéressés

Du 13 juin au 20 septembre 2020
Candidature jusqu’au 12 novembre 2019

Horizons « Arts-Nature » in Sancy, will take place between the 13th June and 20th September 2020. This is the fourteenth  edition of a contemporary art event based on short-lived visual works of art specifically made for the Sancy massif (heart of the Massif Central in France).

Managed by the Sancy Tourist Office, the call for projects involves the creation of 10 works of art in the Sancy Massif.

Art remuneration : a payment of €8,000 VAT will be given to each selected artist (covering the creation, travel expenses, the transport of materials from the studio to the site, installation and dismantling of the work, food and accommodation for the artist in the area).

The event is open to all artists, without any limit of age, and to young talents (just or recently – less than 2 years- graduated from art school).

To download the application documents and information relative the event candidates must visit the web site: www.horizons-sancy.com