Guitar Drag

Christian Marclay
Sur une proposition de Maxime Guitton, Not So Quiet, Please #25

mardi 10 décembre — 13h00
NSQP ❘ Beaux-Arts de Marseille (LoAD)

Bande sonore de la vidéo Guitar Drag (2000) réalisée par Christian Marclay.
Filmé et enregistré à San Antonio, Texas, USA, 18 novembre 1999.

Edition de 1500 exemplaires.

“Guitar Drag has many different layers of references, it alludes to the ritual of smashing guitars in rock concerts, it recalls Fluxus and its many destruction of instruments.
It is also a road movie, with reference to the landscape of Texas where it was filmed, with references to cowboys and rodeos. It is about violence in general and more specifically about the lynching of James Byrd Jr. who was dragged to his death behind a pickup-truck. I want the video to have these multiple layers and trigger people’s imagination in contradictory ways. The piece ends up being seductive and repulsive at the same time”. (notes de pochette de Christian Marclay)

Not So Quiet, Please est un cycle d’écoute proposé tous les mardis de semaine A à 13h00 au LoAD, initié par Pierre-Laurent Cassière et Maxime Guitton.