Challenging Practice / Desinc

Workshop / Séminaire
Designing inclusion / Concevoir pour l’inclusion

Jeudi 19 avril 2018 à l’ensa•Marseille

En Anglais.

Dans le cadre de l’assemblée générale d’Architectes sans Frontières qui à lieu à Marseille du 19 au 22 avril 2018.

Challenging Practice is an independent-learning program for built environ-ment practitioners and students to learn to engage with vulnerable urban groups, and reflect on the challenges of international development. Designing Inclusion is an Erasmus Plus project addressing the interface between urban design & planning education, and the production of inclusive urban spaces.
The focus of attention is set on European cities, and on the capacity of cur-rent and future urban practitioners to make a meaningful contribution to the reception of international migrants and refugees in local urban areas.

ASF-UK  and ASF-France will be running a Stage A seminar to enable participants to reflect on their knowledge gained from the readings of the Introduction through case studies, facilitated discussions, interactive scenario building, and role plays.

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Challenging Practice