Double degree course

Taking into account that building trades require today professionals having a double culture of engineering and architecture at the crossroads of civil engineering and architecture, Aix Marseille University (part of Polytech’Marseille) and the National Higher School of Architecture of Marseille (ENSA Marseille) wish to collaborate in order to train engineers-architects within seven years of studies, or architects-engineers able to handle in a global way both architectural design and technical projects.

So, since November 2010, an agreement signed between ENSA-Marseille and Polytech’Marseille has offered students from these two schools the opportunity to prepare simultaneously a State Architect’s diploma and an engineer degree in Civil engineering within seven years of studies:

  • During the first five years, students can validate their original training diploma as well as the first three years of the so-called “secondary” diploma ;
  • While the last two years are totally dedicated to obtaining the secondary diploma.

The teaching coordination and recruitment of students in the double degree course is a matter for the competence of the pedagogical commission composed of teachers from each school, as well as the director of civil engineering department from Polytech’Marseille and the director of ENSA Marseille.

Each school remains the only one to decide for the issue of its own degree and the validation of the three years for the secondary diploma.

Educational Organisation :

So this partnership allows engineer students, (their original training diploma), to validate during their engineer studies of 5 years (PEIP1, PEIP2, GC3, GC4, GC5), the first three years of studies in architecture and thus to obtain the diploma in architectural studies (awarding a Bachelor’s degree).

In order to do so, he/she must validate the teaching units called “projects”, these are recurrent during the first three years of architecture diploma, and worth 10ECTS. So, 60 ECTS will be validated for 6 semesters S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6 of ENSA Marseille.

The missing 30 ECTS will be obtained, with the approval of the double degree course teaching commission, by validating ENSA Marseille specific courses of one’s choosing, such as History, Urban Spaces, Expression of Plastic Arts, Architectural and Plastic Arts Analysis peculiar to architectural teaching.

The 90 ECTS legitimately validated, concern courses that are present in both training such as scientific teachings (statistics, mechanic of structure, …), the SHEJS (Human, Economic, Legal and Social Sciences), and languages.

It also allows architect students to validate, during the five-year period of architectural studies, the first three years of civil engineering degree program  (PEIP1, PEIP2, GC3), thus authorizing legitimately the inscription in the 4th year of civil engineer diploma in the civil engineering department of Polytech’Marseille.

During his/her 5-year courses in architecture, the student in architecture must validate 60ECTS corresponding to scientific courses of the S1, S2, S3, S4 of the PEIP degree course : mathematics, physics, introduction to IT, thermodynamics, mechanics and engineering initiation.

The missing 30ECTS will be obtained, with the approval of the pedagogical commission of the double degree course, by doing in S5 and S6, some specific Polytech’Marseille courses of civil engineering (GC3) such as materials, resistance of materials, GC laboratory, topography and thermal housing conditions.

The 90 ECTS, legitimately validated, concern courses that are present in both training (named in the previous paragraph).

The student who will have simultaneously obtained his/her initial diploma in five years of studies and validated the first three years (Bachelor’s ) of the secondary diploma, would be able to obtain the last one by following and validating the full amount of the last missing two years in the establishment that delivers the secondary diploma. Subject to validation of the Bachelor’s level, the admission in the establishment delivering the secondary diploma is legitimate.

Registrations :

Candidates interested by this double degree course must first register in the first year of one of the two establishments, then provide an application file with all school results from première and terminale (the 2 last years in High School) as well as a cover letter before the closing date which will be given on the pre-start day. Files will be examined by the pedagogical commission of the double degree course. Candidates will be informed of the results before the start of the new school year.

Each establishment recruits its candidates at the beginning of the academic year.

Selected students must register in the second establishment, free of charge, at the beginning of the courses.

After obtaining the initial diploma, i.e. after the 5th year, tuition fees are to be paid to the establishment of the secondary diploma.

 Teaching premises :

The courses are offered in the institution granting the degree concerned, either in the premises of Polytech’Marseille for the Civil Engineer diploma, or in ENSA Marseille for the State Architect’s diploma.

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